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About Us

Brief History

You might be keeping yourself up at night wondering how Rightfully Raw began. Well, wait up no more! Our family-owned, "ma and pa" company began in late summer of 2011 with a girl who loved to cook. Note: We say “prep” now because other raw foodies might haul me off into the woods if I were to say "cook" ;) and a husband that supported her crazy dream. That girl is me, Liz. Click to continue reading to learn about what happened in the couple of years leading up to that summer.

Liz Russell

Liz Russell Liz, aka "the boss", has spent a great deal of time in the last 5 years researching and taking courses on health, nutrition, and alternative cooking strategies. She is passionate about her craft and loves to help others with nutrition based advice. Liz obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is well suited to manage the day-to-day operations. Ultimately, she has the overall vision and is the brain-child behind the entire operation; she is just silly brilliant in coming up with new recipes and new ideas. She has a knack for knowing what foods people will want to consume.

Mark Russell

Mark Russell Mark works full-time professionally as a Senior Embedded Systems Software Engineer. He has his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. In his off time, Mark has been working all the IT aspects of the business: preparing all of the printed media, newsletters, and web site design. He aspires to use his albeit limited skills in graphic design to bring some identity to the business. He also attempts to provide some creative fuel for the path of the business’ future. Mark is learning to pour his creative abilities into different marketing strategies through printed media and online social networking.
Ella & Riley Russell

Riley Russell Our girls keep it very interesting in our household. Riley, 8, our black cat, was queen of the house until the recent arraival of Ella, our 6 month old black lab. If you were wondering, they do not hold any administrative positions within our company. In fact, sometimes they are quite counter-productive to our work. :) However, they do their part. We have them on a mostly raw diet, thanks mostly to The Pet Beastro. We believe there are a lot of benefits to having our animals eat this type of food, including a healthier, longer life.

Extended History(I do mean extended. Kick back, put your feet up, put another log on the fire, etc)

.... (continued) ... Following some health issues that I (Liz) felt were incurred at far too young an age, or any age for that matter, I was convinced by a family member to try a cleanse. A what,you say? I bathe frequently, what are you getting at.....? Specifically, I mean a diet cleanse that lasted for a month and robbed me of many a naughty thing I'd been accustomed to eating at my leisure, like refined sugar, flour,dairy, meat, all in excess. This cleanse also included a daily amount of fresh veggie juice and raw, fermented food, green superfood, and gentle bowel-cleansing herbs. For those of you still reading.. What it included that I hadn't expected was...results!! And delicious vegetarian recipes!! A belly that was never hungry, always satisfied, and not groaning from abuse! And most importantly of all, a life changed for the better. Within a month following that cleanse, I was off all medications I'd previously been on, including antidepressants that had plagued me for over a decade. The cleanse led me to completely change the way I looked at eating, the diet-disease connection, and grocery shopping--actually looking at a label before shoving food into my mouth. (This isn't to say bad food doesn't ever still get shoved in on occasion, but at least I look). Inspired by a family member again to try a few raw recipes, I decided to give it a whirl. The first thing I made was a raw chocolate brownie. I don't think any of it actually made it out of my processor and onto a plate. It was so good! I couldn't believe how good it was for being healthy!! I was sold. You're telling me I can make edible things that taste awesome and don't make me have to wear a tent for clothing?? Sign me up. Also by this time I was working for Whole Foods Market and learning all kinds of information about what's really in our foods and how to lead a healthier life. Before you think I'm an indoctrinated hippie of sorts, let me assure you I was not tied down and brainwashed in any way. I was, however, in love with a new world of fresh, healthy foods and completely fascinated by the idea of our food being either living or..well..not. I love the idea of getting the most out of what we eat and that the best way to do that is to eat a lot of raw, living foods. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, or thinking I'm telling you to go take down a gazelle or some wild game, I am simplyreferring to vegetarian food (produce, nuts, seeds, grains, etc) that has not been heated above a general range of 115-125 degrees,or not at all. Its enzymes are still active, crucial enzymes that are needed to properly digest our food & get all the nutrition out of it that it's meant to give.

I began forcing my coworkers and family members to be my personal taste-testing guinea pigs. I was having so much fun experimenting and wouldn't shut up about it, and was encouraged by the aforementioned people. Gently at first, then with a little more force - I realized I really should start my own company. Hogwash! Impossible! Scary! This went on for many stubborn days and weeks until late summer in 2011. A coworker informed me of an art & food festival in Detroit coming up and that I should make some things to sell there. With much help and late, up-to-the-last-minute kitchen hours with family, we did the 2 day event, offering a simple menu of four different dips and one dessert. In one day, we made over $1000! We met a ton of wonderful people who really appreciated what we were doing and pretty much threatened our well-being if we did not keep making the stuff.

It eventually became too much for me to continue doing both jobs and I took the plunge and quit my job! When spring came, I begged my way into some greaet farmer's markets and ... the rest is history! We are so greatful to all our customers and your touching comments and compliments. We've enjoyed every minute so far (give or take a stray grumpy minute here and there where we reverted to childlike behavior after a long, hard day. I may have thrown a lime at my husband once .... don't make that face, he's just fine! And we look forward to many more with all of you!