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Farmington's The Old Winery Farmers Market
Posted on January 6th, 2013. Author: Liz Russell
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We are into our 6th week at The Old Winery farmers market in Farmington now and having lots of fun there. For anyone who hasn't been there yet, you must come! We all squeeze in with shoehorns in the morning and enjoy the warm, cozy atmosphere. It really is a quaint little place, with much of the same, favored vendors from the outdoor market- produce, eggs, spices, pastas, pies, fresh baked breads, granola, cupcakes, dog treats, hand-woven baskets and of course us, your neighborhood source of delicious dips. :) There is even a little cafe there with I'm-not-even-kidding THEE best crepes ever, made by the market master's daughter. It also has panini sandwiches & yummy soups. As some of you may know, we recently won a vendor contest for customer-favorite vendor via Facebook- thank you so much all you amazing voting fans! It means a lot to us to see that little thumb go up on our Facebook page too. :) We are happy to be able to be at Farmington during the winter & continue encouraging dip-addiction to all our Farmington fans. Thank you to Jean Smith, our market master, for making this opportunity possible for us & putting on a great market! The video I've attached to this blog was a short blurb on Fox 2 News with Jay Towers. Jay is interviewing Jean who discusses many of the products that are for sale at the market. We get our 15 seconds of fame, and our friends at Crunch Granola get a nice plug.

Detroit Holiday Food Bazaar 2012
Posted on December 9th, 2012. Author: Liz Russell
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Detroit Holiday Food Bazaar 2012So Rightfully Raw attended its first annual Holiday Food Bazaar in the D & it was awesome! I'm not going to lie--upon our arrival, I held some skepticism as the building (The Jam Handy) looked like it was a few MI winter storms away from collapse and while walking in we were told it used to be a haunted house for Halloween. Once we walked in though, I was skeptic no more. Two big open warehouse style rooms, sort of reminded me of a big, empty old farmhouse, unfinished walls, stairway up to the rafters where the DJ sat, and all us classy vendors organized throughout, some with pretty, sparkly Christmas lights. I'm telling you, if I got to redo my wedding I would hire this DJ!! He was awesome!!! He played actual 45's all night and a great selection of music, from fun Christmas music to sweet blues, and some stuff I'd never heard before. There were people hanging out in the back room on wooden bleachers, eating their fares or just hanging with friends. There was tons of foods, my favorite being the veggie empanda with mint chutney sauce, and I must say it was pretty tantalizing sitting next to Detroit Sausage Co all night while they sizzled bacon. All in all, I don't know how else to describe the event's coolness other than to say it was just very...Detroit. And I was really happy to be supporting Detroit and doing something fun in the city. Doesn't hurt than an underground event has an element of excitement and edge to it. ;) Already looking forward to DHFB 2013!